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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Federal Police a "boys club"

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin and Elizabeth Broderick

Elizabeth Broderick took six months to put together a report from 1,000 interviews with members of the Australian Federal Police.  She found that if you were brave enough to lodge a sexual complaint against a male colleague, you would be sent to Coventry and could kiss your career goodbye.

She found that some women had been raped and others subjected to attempted rape.

"All of this ends today" Andrew Colvin said yesterday.  "The process we have put in place from today will be different" he said, vowing to take action.

But surely he doesn't expect us to believe that he didn't know that the bullying culture of women didn't exist under his watch, even though it has prevailed for decades?

The closest he came to telling the truth was to admit that the ADF was a 'boys club'
and conceded, on reflection, that he had seen evidence of bullying first hand.

He actually urged members who told their stories to Ms Broderick anonymously to come forward.  Is he insane?  That would be one quick way to end your career.

Assistant Commissioner Ray Johnson will head up a new division to lead the reform but we've heard it all before - disgusting behaviour and promised change from the ADF, but things stay the same.

Andrew Colvin became Commissioner of the AFP in September 2014 and even though he admits knowing about it, did nothing.  Hardly your finest hour Mr Colvin because the buck stops with you.