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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Rio 2016 Oympics a farce

Olympic legend Michael Phelps

It could be argued that the 2016 Rio Olympics is a farce, ruined by the IOC's inability to successfully weed out the drug cheats and instead of banning them, allowing them to compete. 

Michael Phelps said "It breaks what sport is meant to be and that's what pisses me off."

Mack Horton and Lilly King

Australia's Mack Horton has been hounded on social media by Chinese fans of swimmer Sun Yang after calling him a drug cheat. China was not pleased.

But how can they complain when it's a known fact that Sun served a three month ban after testing positive for trimetazidine, a stimulant added to the banned list in 2014.

The Chinese say he had taken the drug to treat an existing heart problem but French swimmer Camille Lacourt said yesterday that Sun "pisses purple."

Michael Phelps got involved after his young team-mate Lilly King beat the world champion Russian Yulia Efimova who served a 16 month steroid ban and this year tested positive for meldonium, the drug Maria Sharapova was banned over.

Phelps said it was sad that athletes testing positive twice were still allowed to compete. "I wish somebody would do something about it" he said.

And so do we.  The IOC told us that all Russian athletes who had a squeaky clean drug free background would get to compete so what happened?

If nothing else, the Rio games have embarrassed Russia and China, the two countries who still hold the misguided view that they have to win, no matter what.