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Friday, August 26, 2016

Salim Mehajer's rant

Salim and Aysha Mehajer on their wedding day

Salim Mehajer's life isn't going well.  His wife left him just months after the wedding, he lost his job of Deputy Mayor when Auburn and Holroyd merged to become Cumberland Council, and the Taxation Office is taking an interest in his business affairs.

And to top it all off, A Current Affair this week showed footage of Salim caught in a psychotic rant, screaming at his wife into a mobile phone, calling her a slut and other vile names and promising to rape her mother and father if she didn't call him within five minutes.

Last year, Salim closed off the whole street where he lives in Suburban Lidcombe for his wedding procession.  He arrived by helicopter and made his way to his house amid hundreds of guests, a fleet of luxury cars, motor bikes and men banging on drums.  It was the craziest thing Sydney has ever seen.

Now Salim's younger sister is planning a similar extravagance this coming Saturday but Cumberland Council said "no application has been received and no approvals given."

The council said it was working with police to "ensure the amenity of surrounding residences was protected should wedding party vehicular activity occur that is not authorised, particularly given previous experience."