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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Anzac Day 2018

There are two schools of thought about who should be eligible to march on Anzac Day.  Some say it should be veterans only and others want to include relatives to keep the march alive.

Some years ago, the Anzac Day Committee decided that a relative of the veteran could march in their place, and that’s when the problem started.

Over the years, as more and more civilians, both adults and children, applied to march in place of their descendants, I believe the march began to lose its relevance and purpose which is a time for us - the Australian people - to say thank you to veterans who served our country in war and to remember those who didn’t come back. 

Having a father who serviced in France during WWI and signed up again in WWII, I get angry when I see relatives seeking their five minutes of fame every Anzac Day, what could they possibly know about it?

So is there a place for descendants of veterans to march on Anzac Day?   Absolutely – at the back, where they belong.  

I can see the day coming when there will be no veterans left - just hundreds of descendants who have no right to be there,  and the whole purpose will be completely lost.