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Monday, April 23, 2018

Barnaby Joyce – love rat

Barnaby Joyce obviously isn’t happy being out the limelight. 

His picture is no longer in the media every day and it must be hurting, because he keeps making unwanted comments about his situation - "We are trying to be a family" he said today, something we don't really need to know. 

He welcomed baby Sebastian with his former staffer Vikki Campion at Armidale Hospital last week.

After Malcolm Turnbull sacked him when revelations were revealed, the public were so outraged, the PM brought in a ban on MPs having romantic or sexual relationship with their staffers which will probably negatively affect half the Parliament.

He made the decision to walk away from his wife and four daughters who have supported his political career for years.

As the new National Party leader, he rose to the position of Deputy Prime Minister and things were going along fine until a Sydney newspaper leaked the well-kept secret that Barnaby was having an affair with his media adviser and she was pregnant with his baby.

This from the man who used his wife and four beautiful daughters in media photos to promote himself as the upstanding family man.  Disgusted, his wife and daughters haven’t spoken to him since, but that's not all.

Incredibly, for some unknown reason, Barnaby Joyce felt the need to tell the press that he may not be the baby’s father,  because he was away travelling overseas with his wife at the time the baby was conceived, raising suspicion about his lover’s fidelity.

I just wish Barnaby would realize that because of his appalling behaviour, his reputation is shot, and just shut up. 

You've blown it big time Barnaby, please just get the message.   Nobody wants to hear what you've got to say anymore, not now, not ever.