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Friday, April 27, 2018

Drug testing for Groovin the Moo Festival

The ACT government has finally given in to pill testing for Groovin the Moo music festival to be held  at the University of Canberra this weekend.
Festival goers will be able to have their illegal drugs tested by independent group STA-SAFE.
It’s been happening for years in America and Europe but as usual, common sense sometimes evades the people responsible for giving the green light.  
And I can understand their concern.  Parents believe that by allowing illegal drugs to be tested, they are condoning kids taking drugs at rock concerts.  
But I don't think our kids are that stupid, and not everyone at the concert will be popping pills.  But for those who do, it gives them the reassurance that they won’t end up on a slab in the morgue.
The trial was supposed to happen last November for the Spilt Milk festival but permission was denied at the last minute.  That’s when do-it-yourself colour-changing kits arrived online which cost between $20-50 each.

Parents worried about their child being singled out as a drug user need not worry – if their child offer their pill/pills for testing, they will remain anonymous.  You hope.