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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Julie Goodwin guilty of drink driving

The winner of the first Australian Masterchef series, Julie Goodwin, allegedly tried to evade a police random breath test on Thursday before she was charged with mid-range drink driving.
Goodwin was driving a Mini Cooper sedan in North Gosford on the NSW Central Coast when she allegedly performed a U-turn to evade an RBT about 8pm.
Police found her car nearby a short time later and took Goodwin, 47, to the station where she returned a blood alcohol reading of 0.107, a police spokeswoman said.

From her Facebook page

It is with great shame and regret that I write these words.
Last night while driving home from a celebratory function I had catered, I was stopped by Police and subjected to a random breath test which I failed. I have subsequently been charged with mid-range drink driving.

Needless to say I accept full responsibility for this error in judgment, which I believe is completely out of character for me. 

I want to take the opportunity to offer a heartfelt and unreserved apology to my family, my colleagues, and to the broader community. I would also like to apologise to everyone that has supported me over many years, I have let you all down. 

I am devastated that I have acted in a way so contrary to what I believe, to how I usually conduct myself, and to what I have taught my children.

Many lessons will flow from this, and I will learn from each of them