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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Naturopath sentenced to 14 months jail

Naturopath Marilyn Pauline Bodgar

It’s hard to believe that some young mothers prefer to take the advice of a naturopath rather than using their own common sense.
Naturopath Marilyn Pauline Bodnar 62, was sentenced to 14 months jail for giving advice to a young gullible mother which almost killed her son.
Ms Bodnar said it was the mother’s fault that her child had eczema – she was feeding him the wrong diet which contained toxins - and the tragedy is, the mother believed her. 
And when the boy fell ill with a high fever and told her to only give the boy water and watermelon for three days, again the mother followed her advice.
When he became so ill and close to death, he was rushed to Westmead Children’s Hospital suffering severe malnourishment and developmental issues
The court heard Bodnar saw the child three times between February and May 2015.
Her lawyer said his client had promised never again to work with children and had a strong chance of rehabilitation.