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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bondi Rescue Lifeguard Saves Toddler

Mouse Jenkinson (right)

A celebrity lifeguard saved the life of a two year old girl who ran into the dangerous corner of Bronte Beach yesterday. Michael (Mouse) Jenkinson, one of the lifeguards in the the Channel 10 reality series Bondi Rescue, went in after the girl whe she was swept 20 metres off shore.

When he reached the little girl she was unconscious, blue and had no pulse but when Jenkinson started CPR, after a few breaths, she gave a little cough and started to cry. "Then I started crying too" he said as he headed back to shore.

The toddler's distraught father ran into the water to try to save his daughter but he too got into trouble and had to be rescued by a quick thinking surfer. When the mother also attempted to enter the water, she was pulled back by other swimmers. The family were tourists from China and naturally have no knowledge of how treacherous our beaches can be.

Head lifeguard Anthony Carroll said it was the most amazing moment. "What Mouse did was above and beyond - she was dead," he said. All three were taken to hospital where the girl is in a stable condition.