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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Carbon Tax Protest at Parliament House

Julia Gillard's popularity slumped in the polls recently, soon after she admitted her lie before the election - that there would be no carbon tax under her government. Tony Abbott was suddenly preferred Prime Minister but a few days later, his rating slumped to an all- time low and everyone is scratching their heads and wondering why. Tony Abbott intends to fight the tax and will address a protest rally today at Parliament House. Hundreds of people are being bussed in to show their contempt of being lied to about an election promise and their belief that their cost of living expenses will be put under pressure if a tax is introduced.

Tony Abbott said this week that the science hasn't been proved and he's right, it hasn't, but the Opposition has backed itself into a corner because they are now seen as climate change deniers. The scientific community did the world a terrible wrong when a few were found to have lied about the affects of global warming - it made sense that the world was going through a normal climatic cycle and there was no need to be alarmed. But we've moved on from there and now it's time to have another look at it. Time and education can change people's minds.

Climate change advocates including the ACTU, GetUp, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Greenpeace and others are ready to take on the protesters. It should be an interesting morning in Canberra.