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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bullied Sydney Schoolboy Fights Back

The video that had parents all over Australia cheering yesterday has been taken down by UTube. We watched as a much larger boy is taunted and smacked in the face by a skinny little runt. It became an internet sensation and went all over the world after video emerged of him body-slamming another student during a verbal and physical attack.

Now the mother of the bully, Tina Gale said that she and her son Richard had been victimised by the video and has demanded an apology from her son's victim. She said she was "shocked" at her son's behaviour, but did not think he deserved to be bodyslammed by Year 10 student Casey Heynes at Chifley College's Dunheved Campus, St Marys in western Sydney. Doesn't she realize that the tables have turned - Casey is now a hero and her son has been outed as the pathetic little bully he is.

The international interest comes on the eve of the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. The focus of tomorrow's campaign will be bystanders.

But now we have to suffer parents and educators who are appalled by his behaviour and insist that children must 'walk away' from trouble. I just wish these people would wake up to reality and applaud this bullied child who finally had his day in the sun.