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Monday, March 28, 2011

Labor Party Thrashed in NSW

It was a great relief to see Labor thrashed in the NSW state election on Saturday - the Liberals were stunned to find they had won seats held by Labor for generations. It was also satisfying to see that the Greens and Independents, who expected to do well, didn't. I think the electorate has been turned off Independents for life because of Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor. We will never forget what they did at the last Federal election - they made it possible for the Labor Party to govern. It won't matter to Tony Windsor because he won't be standing again at the next election but Rob Oakeshott has 4 kids and a career to think of and he needs to start looking for another job. Surely he must realize that his political career is over.

Nationals leader Warren Truss said "The message to the two independents who gave federal Labor power last September is crystal clear - they got it dead wrong" and added "Voters have rejected their so-called 'new paradigm'."

Swings greater than 30 and 35 per cent occurred in individual seats, with an average swing of 17 per cent across the state. Barry O'Farrell has 65 seats in the 93-seat Lower House and Labor is struggling to exceed 20.

So would Mr Oakeshott be given a second chance if he backed a no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister? "We'll cross that bridge if we come to it" Tony Abbott said.