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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kevin Rudd wants to intervene in Libya

Kevin Rudd is cracking his neck for the United Nations to intervene in the civil war in Libya and said that Australia is ready and willing to go. Britain and France have said they want to go ahead with it but Russia and China don't like the idea and America has showed remarkable common sense by staying out of it.

A no-fly zone would prevent Gaddafi from unleashing air raids or moving reinforcements by air. But the rebels don't want foreign interference, they sent the British packing and if a no-fly zone is agreed on, surely that will be considered an invasion.

Gaddafi has accused the west, especially France of plotting to "colonize" his oil-rich nation. When questioned on the stand taken by Western powers he said they "want to colonize Libya again", adding "it's a colonialist plot".

We don't want another war Mr Rudd, stay out of it.