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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Asylum-Seeker Malaysian Solution

The Malaysian solution brings Labor closer to the Coalition's policy and more distant from the Greens who refuse to accept the removal of boat arrivals to Malaysia for processing. Chris Bowen declared "I expect protests, I expect legal challenges, I expect resistance." And he was right.

Greens MP Adam Bandt is due to introduce a notice of motion in the House of Reps on Monday condemning the deal and calling on the Prime Minister to call if off. It's rather ironic that Mr Brandt opposed the Pacific Solution before he entered pariament.

"With Nauru, we could put the conditions, we were responsible for their accommodation, their food, we were responsible for access to medical services and also our immigration officials were looking to find a place for them, if not Australia another country."

The motion has already passed the Senate and is likely to get a majority in the House of Representatives. If it's defeated, it will be the first time Julia Gillard's minority government has lost a vote on a motion condemning government policy. Chris Bowen and Julia Gillard desperately need to win this one to regain some credibility.