American intelligence knew last summer that there was a “high-value target” being protected in Abbottabad and have been working on plan of how to catch him ever since. On Friday, President Obama gave the final order for the Navy Seals and CIA operatives to go ahead. Three men besides Bin Laden were killed - his son and two of his couriers. One woman was also killed as she attempted to shield Bin Laden and two other people were wounded. No Americans were injured or killed in the shoot-out.

Later, aboard the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, an officer read religious rites translated into Arabic. His body was washed in accordance with Islamic custom, wrapped in a white sheet and placed inside a weighted bag on a board which was then tipped up and eased into the sea.

Instead of rejoicing over the death of a cruel terrorist who last week sent a 12 year old boy on a suicide mission to blow up himself and others, people like Donald Trump will probably want proof of identity. Others will say he should have been taken alive. But now there is no shrine and there won’t be a trial, so well done America.