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Monday, May 23, 2011

Princess Beatrice's Royal Wedding Hat

When I saw Princess Beatrice and Eugenie arrive at the royal wedding, my reaction was one of pity - that someone, somewhere had been responsible for making these two young women look ridiculous and hopefully it wasn't their mother, Fergie. But the hat that became the laughing stock of the world was suddenly seen in a new light after it was sold for charity on eBay for $123,000 - the proceeds split between UNICEF and British charity Children in Crisis.

The Wiggles who are UNICEF Australia ambassadors, took part in the bidding, hoping to bring the hat back to Australia and said "If we win, we might give it to Ricky Ponting to wear when he bats against the Poms next time."

The hat, designed by Irish milliner Philip Treacy, must be very pleased that his hideous creation is now world famous. The piece was described on the site as "a unique sculptural celebratory headpiece" made of tea rose silk and "This is a gravity-defying hat." Treacy, now based in London, designed many of the hats at the wedding and said he was “delighted, flattered and touched” by 22 year old Princess Beatrice's decision to donate the hat to charity. "I hope whoever wins the auction has as much fun with the hat as I have," the young royal said.