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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Osama bin Laden's Computers

Intelligence agencies are hoping to discover a gold mine of information after finding five computers, 10 hard drives and 100 storage devices at Osama bin Laden’s compound on Sunday. They are hoping to expose terror plots, the location of Al Qaeda members, how it was funded and where the money came from. They will also be looking for evidence that Pakistan was involved in keeping his location a secret.

Computer experts will first dismantle the hardware, careful not to trigger booby traps that would erase the files. They are expecting most of the information to be in code but if they can find just one bank account, they could start to unravel vital information. There was no internet or telephone connection to the compound which could explain the large number of DVDs found in the house. It seems that he relied on CD-ROMs delivered by trusted courier instead of logging onto computer networks.

In a will bin Laden made 3 months after September 11, he tells his 24 children and their offspring not to join al-Qaeda and apologises for not being able to spend more time with them. The reason, he said, was that he decided to dedicate his life for Jihad. The will, published in a Kuwaiti newspaper, detailed the reasons why he hated America and Israel so much but didn’t mention anything about leaving specific possessions – unusual because his father who was a construction millionaire in Saudi Arbia, left him a fortune said to be around $27 million. Perhaps it is all gone, spent in the pursuit of hatred and revenge. He also had a parting message for his four wives “Don’t consider marrying again, devote yourselves to your children and guide them to the right path” he said.