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Monday, May 23, 2011

IMF Chief's Wife Anne Sinclair

Disgraced banker Dominique Strauss-Kahn told an Air France hostess she had a ‘nice arse’ just moments before Police hauled him off his plane bound for France last Saturday. French magazine Le Point said that he called out ‘Quel beau cul!’ as she prepared her passengers for take-off. He asked a VIP receptionist at his hotel to join him for a drink and the following day asked another receptionist to share of bottle of Dom Perignon with him. Both women said that his attitude was entirely inappropriate.

Anne Sinclair is Strauss-Kahn’s third wife. Born in New York to French-Jewish parents who fled the Nazis, she is the grand-daughter of Paul Rosenberg, one of the greatest art dealers of the twentieth century. After high school she moved to France permanently and is an award-winning journalist and popular French TV personality.

She doesn’t seem embarrassed by her husband’s insatiable sexual appetite and believes he’s innocent, that’s why she paid $1 million in cash and $5 million insurance bond on her Washington townhouse to get him out of jail. She’s also paying $243,000 for armed guards who are posted outside his apartment to make sure he doesn’t make a dash for France.

The French have a strange tradition of secrecy regarding their politicians’ sex lives and a quick survey at the weekend showed that 50 per cent of the French population believe the ex-IMF chief was set up. And they have little compassion for the victim of the alleged attempted rape, whose identity some French newspapers have published. If found guilty, Strauss-Kahn could face a sentence of 25 years and a French government spokesman said he should be allowed to serve his sentence in France. I wonder if Anne Sinclair is now so French that she doesn't care about her husband's extra-marital affairs. On Sunday she was at a celebrity birthday party in Paris when she heard the bad news and she jumped on a plane. She has been grooming her husband, with the help of her vast fortune, to achieve his ultimate goal of winning the French presidency next May - he was a favourite to beat Nicolas Sarkozy.

In a recent blog Anne Sinclair wrote about the royal wedding, she said “They should enjoy their happy start because the reality of life comes soon enough.” I believe the reality of her husband’s life is yet to be revealed.