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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cult leader Alan John Miller says he is Jesus Christ

A couple in Queensland have devised an ingenious way to live without having to work. How? He claims to be Jesus Christ and she is Mary Magdalene and they ask their followers for money to survive. Alan John Miller 47 and Mary Suzanne Luck 32 bought a 16 hectare property in rural Wilkesdale near Kingaroy in 2007 and their Divine Truth followers have been buying up blocks nearby ever since.

“My name is Jesus and I’m serious” Miller says in a workshop video. Cult members joined forces and bought a 240 hectare property where they plan to build a centre for international visitors called The Divine Love Of Jesus. When seen from Google Earth, the land already cleared has created a giant cross and locals insist is wasn’t done deliberately – it is a complete coincidence.

Locals reported hearing screams coming from the property but after police investigated they found that members were involved in exorcising rituals where they are encouraged to shout loudly to help process “past soul damage.”

So who is he? No, he’s not American, John Miller was born in Loxton South Australia and has two children from a previous marriage. It ended when he started to believe he was Jesus and remembered details of his past life. Yesterday he was in NSW and held a workshop in Albury. “There are probably a million people in the world who say they are Jesus Christ and most of them are in asylums. But one of us has to be. How do I know I am? Because I remember everything about my life” he said.

Curious to discover why intelligent, rational Australians would choose to believe this man is Jesus Christ, I had a look at their Divine Truth website, here are a couple of excerpts from it.

.......Because of my personal desire and passion for God, as I grew, I recognized not only that I was the Messiah that was foretold by ancient prophets, but also that I was in a process designed by God that all humans could follow, if they so desired.

......During the intervening time from the first century until the 20th century I led, from the heavens, the process of discovery of even more spiritual Divine Truth and this was fuelled by my personal desire and passion to become ever closer to God. Mary Magdalene, being my soulmate, also had a very similar desire and as Mary and other followers passed into the spirit world, they also continued to exercise a desire to follow me in this process of discovery of Divine Truth and receiving Divine love from God through prayer.

Well, it’s a free country and people can do what they want but the thing that bothers me most about these weird cults is that emotionally needy adults drag their young children along with them. They are the forgotten innocents brought into the fold of religious extremism and who knows what affect this will have on their adult lives.