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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gerard Baden-Clay secretly sells investment property

Allison Bayden-Clay's father Geoffrey Dickie, was appointed interim administrator of his daughter's estate yesterday by Supreme Court Justice Glenn Martin after his son-in-law secretly sold an investment property he jointly owned with his deceased wife.

He organised the sale from his cell where he is being held awaiting trial for the murder of his wife Allison.  He wrote to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission stating that as his wife was now deceased, she was no longer a director or secretary of their family company World of Top Step Pty Ltd, so he was legally able to sell the property.  

It was listed for auction on September 16 but further investigation revealed that it has already been sold, an offer accepted and settlement will take place in three weeks.  The three bedroom house was previously rented out at $340 per week.

Mr Dickie put it to the judge that his daughter's estate, which includes the Paradise Point property, should not be sold off before her husband goes to trial.  The Judge and all other parties, including Bayden-Clay's defence team, agreed that Mr Dickie be made interim administrator.

In a will Allison made in 1997, before she got married and had children, she names her future husband as sole executor and benefactor and appoints her father to act as executor in the event that Gerard could not fulfill his obligations.

Mr Dickie and his wife Priscilla are also interim legal guardians to Allison's three daughters, aged 10, 8 and 5.  One can only imagine what this shocking affair is doing to the children.

The court heart that Gerard Bayden-Clay's debts totalled around $1 million and his wife had an insurance and superannuation policies worth around $960,000.  The case comes before the Supreme Court on September 24.