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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Muslims riot in Sydney

Al-Qaida sympathizers were among the mob who marched to the Sydney Town Hall last Saturday, outraged that their prophet was insulted in an amateur movie made in America.  They carried black flags adopted by the terror organizations and wore headbands which read "We are your soldiers O Mohammed."

Some are calling themselves The Sixth Pillar, a reference to some Islamic teaching that claims jihad, or holy war, is the sixth pillar of the Muslim faith.

Ahmed Elomar, a 29 year old champion boxer was arrested for throwing a bottle at police and appeared in court wearing a T-shirt with the words "Sixth Pillar" across the front.

After the violent attacks on US embassies in the Middle East, US Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich admitted some of his family wanted him to head home to the US.  He thanked police for protecting him and his staff on Saturday and said "We have a well-developed plan for protecting our consulates and our mission, so it's business as usual."

But the young Muslim mother, probably born here and been through our education system, became the symbol of Islamic extremism that showed its ugly face in Sydney on Saturday, as she proudly took a photo of her little son holding a poster, teaching him how to hate.   

The picture has caused such public outrage that Premier Barry O'Farrell called on the Minister for Community Services Pru Goward to investigate.  "Clearly, the parents' actions on that day were not in the best interests of the child" she said.

But Muslim leaders deny they are protecting her identity.  "If we knew who she was, we would tell the authorities" one leader said.  "We aren't protecting her, we simply don't know who she is."  But police are confident the woman will soon be identified with the publication in the media of a new photograph showing her face.

What's going on Sydney?