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Friday, September 7, 2012

Keith Herring defies deportation order to UK

Herring and Julieta in 1989

Keith David Herring is a bad egg.  Born in the UK, he was convicted of at least 60 crimes, including assault and grievous bodily harm and bit the ear off a prison guard.  But surprise, surprise, our ever vigilant Immigration Dept let him in and granted him a migration visa.

One year later, he murdered his Philippine-born wife Julieta in the backyard pool of their Sydney home.  He said he was innocent but the bruises on her head suggested otherwise.

During his trial, Herring exposed himself, called the prosecutor a "fat slug" and leapt from the dock at the judge and tried to strangle him. Not surprisingly, he received another two and a half years on top of his 22 years for murder.  In prison he committed a string of offences, mainly assault and intimidation and Immigration cancelled his visa and ordered him to be deported on his release.

But Herring doesn't want to go back to the UK.  He's already wasted 10 airfares on commercial flights because he is a "threat to safety."  He deliberately causes trouble before take-off and so far, it's worked a treat because pilots refuse to take him.  He has attacked flight crew and urinated in the aisles and yesterday was kicked off a Thai Airway flight at Sydney airport for spitting at the crew, smashing a TV monitor, screaming abuse at passengers and attempting to urinate.

Government charter flight contractors think the best way to tackle the problem is to pay for a corporate jet that would cost taxpayers up to $1 million.  They must be joking.

Anyone who has seen Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs knows how easy it would be - shackles around both ankles and up around the waist, a straight-jacket or handcuffed hands, and a mask to stop the spitting.  Or as one man said on Sydney radio this morning, "Stick him in with the horses."   But of course human rights advocates would never allow it, they would say that a civilized country like Australia would never do such a terrible thing, he's a man, not a horse. 

"The department is continuing to examine options for the removal of this client at the earliest opportunity and in the most cost-effective way. Misbehaviour in no way deters the department" a spokesman said.

Update:  He's finally gone.  Keith Herring was restrained with flexi-cuffs on a commercial flight from Sydney to London and five Serco security guards.