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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jill Meagher Missing

As Jill Meagher left Bar Etiquiette at 1.33 am last Saturday morning and started walking along Sydney Road towards her home, a short distance away, two things happened simultaneously - a man in a blue hoodie ran after her and a car nearby did a sudden U-turn.  Police now suspect she was abducted.

Comedy writer and stand-up comedian Catherine Deveny believes it's the same man who tried to drag her off her bike as she rode home along the same street one night in July.  She tweeted "Early 30s, sandy hair, jeans and a blue hoodie, I've just seen the footage now, it's the same guy."

Catherine Deveny

Yesterday detectives spent five hours in the home of Jill and her husband Tom, looking for clues and left the premises with several paper bags.  Her husband made a number of phone calls and sent text messages to his wife in the early hours of Saturday morning, before going out to look for her.

It has now been six days since she disappeared and Detective Inspector Potter said her husband Tom is not being treated as a suspect "in any way."