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Friday, September 21, 2012

Melbourne prepares for another Cronulla

Police are trying to play down the threat of another Cronulla in Melbourne this weekend.  On Wednesday night, the ABC program 7.30 showed that messages circulating on Facebook and white-pride groups, were calling on Australian youths to rise up in retaliation to the Muslim riot last weekend.

Another Muslim protest against the offensive video insulting their prophet is planned for Sunday in Melbourne and the following message is typical of those circulating social media this week.

Let's show these bearded goat-herders that we run this country, not them and if they don't like it, they can f*ck off back to whatever sh**hole they came from or the leaky boat they showed up on.  Spread the word and come ready for a battle for our rights and our land.  They thought Cronulla riots were bad, we grew here, they flew here, Australians unite!

And this 
If these Muslims wanna riot and ruin our beautiful city over some stupid bullshit, we will give me a f***ing riot to remember.

It was the reference to the Cronulla riots that has Victorian police worried and Muslims are telling their people to stay away.

In Sydney, police are prepared for trouble although they are not aware of any "specific plans or threats."  The US consulate has issued a warning to their people to stay away from the central business districts of both Sydney and Melbourne this weekend.

Meanwhile, Australian-born hate preacher Sheikh Feiz Mohammad insists he has nothing to do with the riots and said they were "against every facet and tenor of the Islamic teachings."

But Jamal Daoud, a Muslim refugee advocate with political aspirations, said the majority of violent protests came from the mosques and mullahs of "extreme Wahabi sheikhs" like Sheikh Feiz and Sheikh Abdel Salam Zoud. 

Ahmed Elomar, one of the men arrested last weekend was a former student of Sheikh Feiz and messages urging people to attend the rally were posted on forums for the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama'ah group that Sheikh Feiz leads.

Even though police are denying there is any confrontation planned in either city this weekend, they are prepared for trouble.