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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Brothers 4 Life police informant

In February 2012, a 24 year old B4L gang member lay in Bankstown Hospital with two bullet wounds, one in his thigh and another in his knee. He knew he was lucky to be alive and made a life-changing decision - to turn police informer.

Today, he is a Crown witness and if he makes it to court alive, it will be a miracle.

The Police Commissioner set up a special squad to handle the Sydney gangs, made up of Muslim youth.  He called it the "Middle Eastern Organized Crime Squad."  B4L members thought it was so funny, they had MEOC number plates on their expensive cars and the word tattooed on their necks.  They were laughing at police because they knew they didn't have a clue what they were up to. Then suddenly they had an informant on the inside.

In July 2013, when Farhad Qaumi took over the Afghan-dominated Blacktown chapter, a drug turf war ensued and all hell broke loose. People were being shot at in quiet suburban streets all over Sydney and Mahmoud Hamzy was murdered.

Police made many arrests including Bankstown chapter boss Mohammed Hamzy and Omar Ajaj, but the violence didn't stop and the war went on. 

Last weekend police (desperate to prove to the public that they were on top of the situation) did something really stupid - they said they had "cut the head off the snake" by rounding up the big boss - B4L leader Farhad Qaumi, his brother Mumtaz and Masieh Amiri and that "Brothers 4 Life was finished." Oh really?

Last night police were called to Lehmann Avenue in Liverpool just after 11pm.  They found gunshot damage to the front of the house and a car parked outside.

And so it goes.