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Friday, January 31, 2014

Ian Thorpe admitted to Sydney rehab

In October 2012, Ian Thorpe said he's had to fend off gay rumours all his life.  If he was gay, he said, he wouldn't be embarrassed or try to hide it, he's frustrated because nobody believes him. "The only part of it that I'm frustrated with, is that people think I'm lying."

Ian Thorpe, once the toast of the country, should be enjoying a happy life after a brilliant Olympic career. Instead, he's been admitted to a Sydney rehab hospital after hurting himself in an accident at home, to fight his ten year battle with depression and alcohol abuse.

Last night broadcaster Alan Jones said "Yes, it's serious, but there's not a lot I can or want to add,  Ian is a beautiful person but he has difficulty recognising his problems."

Last week he looked happy and cheerful at the tennis in Melbourne which doesn't mean a thing, hiding how you feel is easy, it fools people into believing you are okay when you're not.

He hasn't used his Twitter and Facebook accounts since October.

In his book, he wrote about how he used alcohol to numb his misery.  "I used alcohol as a means to rid my head of terrible thoughts, as a way of managing my moods" he wrote.  "I did it behind closed doors where many depressed people choose to fight their demons before they realise they can't do it without help."

Mum, his biggest fan

Ian Thorpe is only 31 years old and deserves to be happy.  He gave us so much joy, he now needs to find some for himself.

Edit 8pm 31 January 2014:  The manager representing Ian Thorpe says media reports the swimming star is in rehab for depression and alcohol abuse are untrue.

Edit 1pm 4 February 2014:  Thorpe’s manager, James Erskine has confirmed that Thorpe was taken from Bankstown Hospital to a rehabilitation clinic after he was found disoriented in the early hours of Monday morning.