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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sydney girl killed in Syrian War

How did it ever come to this?  An Australian girl, educated at one of the country's better Anglican private schools, ends up dead in a country fighting for a jihadist group on the other side of the world.

Amira Karroum and her sister Rose are children of Mohamad Karroum and her Australian mother, Honor Deane.  Her mother gave Amira an Anglican education but it didn't make any difference, she still became radicalized in Sydney.

ASIO has revoked passports of citizens wanting to travel to Syria to fight with the al-Nasru Front which is linked to al-Qaeda, but they were too late to save Amira Karroum and her husband, Jihadist Yusuf Ali, who died in a hail of bullets.

Mother, Honor Deane

Amira moved from the Gold Coast and settled in the Sydney suburb of Auburn where she met Ali, believed to be a Muslim convert from North America.  She began wearing a burqa and studying her religion in earnest.  They were married in April last year and Ali left for Syria soon after, telling everyone he was going to do humanitarian work.

Yusuf Ali

Amira's half brother Karl Karroum said "We had no idea she was going to Syria.  She left Sydney about 20th December I think, and said she was going to Denmark for a holiday with some friends. Her husband lives in Syria so that's obviously why she went there, but we thought he was going to meet up with her in Copanhagan."

He said his half-sister was always a Muslim, despite her Anglican education.  "She was born a Muslim and so was her sister Rose. Their mum isn't Muslim, but our dad is" he said.  "She went to that school because it was the best education and an all-girls school suited our faith."

On Facebook, Amira's sister Rose asked for prayers in their honour as they had been martyred.

So it's clear young people are still being radicalized in Sydney, and as usual, nobody knows anything about it.