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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why does the ABC hate our Navy?

A woman married to a Naval officer saw this sign outside Kawana Hardware on the Sunshine Coast. The owner, Ian Witten, has been inundated with messages of support, not only from the general public but from grateful sailors.  His simple statement has hit a nerve in the community disgusted by the continual undermining of Australia's national interest by the Left.  

The ABC took Indonesia's side in the phone tapping debacle and believed that the accusations of torture by the Australian Navy were true.

ABC reporter Alison Branley posted on the Refugee Rights Action Network's Facebook page.  She wrote "I have been tasked with finding some navy personnel who might be willing to speak  to us in a background capacity - not on the record.  It follows the story our Jakarta guy ran on the asylum seeker burns claims.  My boss feels the allegations are likely to be untrue.  Do you know of any people with navy or defence force affiliations who might be able to put us in touch with someone..... I wouldn't want to approach anyone who didn't feel comfortable talking."

One poster responded "Jeez Alison if your boss had doubts about this, why didn't she seek clarification before running with the story and besmirching the reputation of the whole Australian Navy?"

The Jakarta guy's name is George Roberts who wrote last week that the images of burned hands shown to Indonesian officials "back up the claims of mistreatment made by asylum seekers."

Someone should point out to the ABC that Navy personnel have risked their lives many times in the past saving refugees from drowning and it would be helpful if they stop looking for and reporting on any news item that makes Tony Abbott look bad.