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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Brothers For Life gang finished, say police

Police have allowed the Muslim gang "Brothers For Life" to rule Sydney streets for months.  The Blacktown faction has been at war with the Bankstown chapter, resulting in dozens of shootings and murder.  They were free to shoot up Sydney suburbia with gay abandon, and they did, on a regular basis, because the victims refused to talk. All police could do was stand by and watch.

But police now say they've fixed the problem.  In November they arrested Bankstown captain Mohammed Hamzy 28, and yesterday at Wyong on the Central Coast, they arrested Blacktown boss Farhad Qaumi, also known as "the Afghan."  His younger brother Mumtaz Qaumi 29, and another man from Auburn were also arrested.

Fahad Qaumi was on board the yacht Oscar II when someone shot 18 bullets into the vessel as it pulled into Rose Bay at 11.30 pm on New Year's Day.  He was hit in the shoulder but left in a taxi and was found injured at Bondi two hours later and taken to hospital.

Police now say that Brothers For Life is finished but let's wait and see what happens when they get to court.  The police go to a lot of trouble rounding them up and putting them behind bars and our magistrates keep letting them out.  Unless something happens to change this situation, we'll be back to square one in no time.