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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Looking for work in 2014

Something just doesn't add up.  The National unemployment rate is still fairly low at 5.8 per cent, yet according to figures released yesterday, there were 31,600 full-time jobs lost in December. 

Those jobs are now gone forever, possibly replaced in some cases by part-time workers hired to do the same amount of work, in half the time, for half the salary.  This could explain why there were 9,000 part-time jobs created in December.

Looking for a job in 2014 isn't for the faint-hearted.  The constant rejection wears people down and some are giving up before their remaining self-confidence is completely destroyed. Martin Thomas, spokesman for Mission Australia said the gloom had been compounded by media reports about factory closures like General Motors and the new government's commitment to cut spending.

But the Deutche Bank doesn't seem overly concerned.  Senior economist Phil O'Donaghoe said while the economy lost 31,000 jobs last month, the falls came after three months of gains.  "I don't think it changes our view of the economy.......... it's actually generating more jobs on average per month than is being caught in the official employment statistics at present" he said.

So in Economist speak, we're okay, but in the real world we know we're not.  There are three levels of opportunity for those looking for a job.

The elite - those who are head-hunted

The lucky - those who are popular and belong to a wide social circle - they are offered the job before it's advertised.

The rest of us - those who don't fall into the above two categories.

For those over 40, they have to keep going, knowing that companies don't want older workers anymore, no matter how qualified they are.   Day after day they must again put themselves up for rejection while trying to believe everything they've been taught - if you don't give up, keep positive, have a good self image, you will get there.