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Thursday, January 1, 2015

A tragic love story - Mark and Katherine Lavoie


Mark and Katherine Lavoie

Dover, New Hampshire.  This is a sad story about true love - a woman with bi-polar and her soulmate.  

Although it's unclear what actually happened on Tuesday morning, Katherine Lavoie's distraught husband Mark rang 911 and she was taken to hospital and hooked up to a respirator, her worse nightmare.

She was so afraid of ending up on life support, she wrote a living will which stated that under no circumstances, should be kept alive by artificial means.  But her doctor said that when a case involves depression, they couldn't honour her wishes.

So 50 year old Mark Lavoie walked into the private room of the Wentworth-Douglass Hospital where she lay in the critical care ward, and shot them both.

He said it was his fault for calling 911.

He didn't have to shoot himself, the courts may have been sympathetic, but his mind was made up.

Online post ... before allegedly shooting dead his wife, Mark Lavoie shared this post on