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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bondi house of horrors to be auctioned

After years of having to put up with the Bondi house of horrors, neighbours who live in Boonara Avenue, are getting ready to celebrate. Real estate agent Raine & Horne, Double Bay, say the property could go for up to $2 million.

The house is being marketed as 'one of the suburb's most desirable streets', and it is - walking distance to Bondi Beach.

The block isn't very big, only 550 square metres, but it's big enough to build your dream home, according to the real estate advertisement.

Waverley Council have cleaned up the property 15 times in 25 years which cost them $350,000 but every time they cleaned it up, within a month, the rubbish was back again, just as bad as ever. 

The owners, Mrs Bobolas and her two daughters Elena and Liana guard their rubbish as if it were gold and have tied the council up in courts for years.  But last year it finally came to an end.  

The Land and Environment Court ordered the owners to pay the cost of every cleanup - around $350,000 - and when they refused, the council sent the Sheriff in.

The NSW Sheriff's office was instructed to recover $180,000 for cleanup and legal fees owed to the council and later scheduled an auction for the sale of the property.

Bobolas sisters

Now the neighbours will finally get the break they have waited so long for and the vermin will have to find another home.