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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Gay pastor resists temptation

Pastor Allan Edwards has always been attracted to men but because his religion says it's not allowed, he married a woman who doesn't seem to mind.  Now he and his wife Leanne Edwards are expecting a child.

Allan Edwards is the pastor of Kiski Valley Presbyterian Church in Pennsylvania and believes homosexuality is a sin.

He met his wife at a Christian summer camp.  "This is someone who understands graciousness, this is someone who understands acceptance, and this is someone I want to spend as much time with as possible."  He was drawn to her heart and soul he said. "Out of that was birthed our intimate relationship."

His wife knows he's attracted to men.  "There always going to be situations where a partner is sexually attracted to someone else" she said.  Edwards added "Everybody has this experience of wanting something else or beyond what they have, everyone struggles with discontentment." 

"The difference I think, and the blessing Leanne and I have experienced, is that we came into our marriage relationship already knowing and talking about it.  And I think that's a really powerful basis for intimacy."