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Saturday, January 10, 2015

One Nation is back

A Queensland police officer who bombarded an Aboriginal rights activist with racist taunts is standing for One Nation at the Queensland State election to be held on 31st January.

Senior Constable Leanne Rissman who worked in Townsville, hurled abuse at Geraldton's Joyce Capewell on her Facebook page Boomerang Justice, using the alias Anne T Sharia.

Ms Capewell started Boomerang Justice after 20 years working in the Western Australian prison system and wanted to raise awareness of the high incidence of Aboriginal deaths in custody.

Joyce Capewell

On New Year's Day, Constable Rissman referred to indigenous people as 'scum bags' and 'oxygen thieves.'  She reacted to Ms Capewell's derogatory comments about Tony Abbott's indigenous advisory council's plans to tackle the 'death in custody' issue.

"Get off your arse, get a job and start giving something back to your own and the greater community" Constable Rissman allegedly said under the Anne T Sharia alias. "And while you're at it, give your children and dogs a decent existence as well, instead of starving and abusing them." 

"Everything you have is because of the white man, if you hate it so much, go back to the Aboriginal empire that existed before we came and saw you all sitting in the dirt rubbing sticks together while Rome was being built, China built the magnificent great wall, and the English, Spanish and Dutch traded and built empires."

After a police investigation, Officer Rissman was reprimanded but not sacked.  She had to undergo training programs that would give her a better understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander 

Senior Constable Rissman

Pauline Hanson, the leader of One Nation has recently returned to politics.  She was the lady who hit the front pages when she made her maiden speech in Parliament and warned that unless something was done to cut back on immigration, Australia would be 'overrun by Asians.'

The conservative government of the day saw to it that Hanson must be punished for her racist views on Asians, Muslims and Aboriginals and went about planning how to destroy her.  And they did it in spades - she was charged with fraud and sentenced to three years but after serving 11 weeks, the charge was overturned and she was released.  

But Pauline won't comment on Constable Rissman's past indiscretions, even though there is another investigation hanging over her head. The police officer is also under investigation for not complying with police standards in relation to the bashing death of an indigenous woman Adelaide Riversleigh who was allegedly attacked by her partner.

So the Queensland election is going to be very interesting because it can't be denied that many Aussies agreed with everything Pauline Hanson once said.

And she comes back into politics at a crucial time in history - right after the Sydney and French sieges involving Muslim terrorists and her anti-Islamic views will be popular with many. 

So we await the outcome of the election with interest.