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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tony Abbott's death wish

Tony Abbott made his own death wish when he decided not to consult with anyone, (except his chief of staff) about bestowing a knighthood on Prince Phillip.  

Conservative media baron Rupert Murdoch tweeted that the PM should sack Peta Credlin and most of  the LNP team agree with him. MPs have complained bitterly about her condescending, controlling manner in dealing with them and even John Howard has been made aware of the trouble she has caused.  She has a list of enemies that grows longer every day and rules with an iron fist.

Rupert went further, he said that if Tony Abbott won't sack her, he called on Ms Credlin to do her patriotic duty and resign for the good of the party.

But yesterday the PM said that it was he alone who made the knighthood decision and he did not consult Ms Credlin.  The question now is - do we believe him?

In December, when unhappy MPs voiced their displeasure about how Ms Credlin ran the PMs office, Mr Abbott accused them of being misogynistic.  "Do you really think my chief of staff would be under this kind of criticism if her name was Peter instead of Peta?"

Rupert Murdoch is convinced Credlin is to blame and behind the knighthood decision, even though privately she would like to see Australia cut ties with England and become a republic.

There are rumblings in the backbench with several MPs believing his ability to lead is now irrecoverable.

Yesterday the PM conceded the public had not reacted well to the appointment of Prince Phillip but he stood by his decision, while promising greater consultation for future appointments.

To me, that statement simply reeks of his arrogance - he vehemently believes that as 'captain' of the ship, he can, and will do whatever he likes, something we've learned about his character that we didn't know before.

If he doesn't move Peta Credlin along, it will be just another nail in his coffin.