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Friday, January 16, 2015

Cartoonist Larry Pickering offered police protection

Queensland journalist and cartoonist Larry Pickering had a visit from the police the other day, concerned that his rants against Isam have put him in danger of an attack.  They offered him protective surveillance after he posted a provocative image of Mohammed on his website after the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

"If you run away and hide in a corner, then they've already won" he said.

Taken by surprise when two policemen knocked on his door he said "It seems very strange that two coppers would drive all the way from Brisbane on Sunday night in the pouring rain just to have two hours with me.  

".....they were very nice guys, they weren't trying to stop me from doing anything, they were just saying 'we've got reason to believe that you should be careful' - whatever that means, I don't know."

"They just said, look, if you plan on doing anything provocative again, give us some notice."

Considered by many to be the best cartoonist in the country, Pickering takes no prisoners.  If he thinks the Charlie Hebdo cartoons were crass, take a look at his website, the Pickering Post, and see what he thought about ex PM Julia Gillard.

The Pickering Post is gaining popularity because it is totally politically incorrect and how he gets away with it is a mystery.  Rumours abound about his past but nobody seems to know the truth.

There was talk of him being involved in a fraudulent investment scheme, not paying his many wives child support and was once a bankrupt which meant there was no point suing him because he was broke.

But as his popularity grows and his vicious rants against Islam continue, Larry had better watch his back.