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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Knitting Nannas coal seam gas protest

These delightful women are wasting their time trying to stop coal seam gas companies from ripping the guts out of our country.  The government has decided that we are going to follow America's lead and have it, like it or not.

Police have charged three members of Knitting Nannas anti coal seam gas protest group after they chained themselves by their necks to a waste water plant gate in northern NSW.

The three women - Dominique Jacobs 51, Angela Dalu 71 and grandmother of 21 children and Therese Mason 49 - locked themselves to the gate of Santos Leewood facility near Narrabri with bike locks yesterday.

Mr Jacobs said they were told they would be arrested if they didn't move away and when they refused, they were taken to the local police station.  They will appear in Narrabri Court on 23 February.

Ms Jacobs said "I'm worried about the rampant resource industry in Australia, it seems the government is failing us."  No kidding.  "I object to all these chemicals being put into our ground and water and these companies putting the Great Artesian basin into jeapody...we need to protect our water."

But Ms Jacobs got one thing right.  "The law is wrong and the police are protecting these companies, the law needs to change so that this can't happen to our country."

Santos Energy NSW manager Peter Mitchley said the company had "all approvals in place to conduct its work safely and without harm to the environment."

Of course they have, it's already a done deal Ms Jacobs, you are wasting your time and energy.