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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Muslim Navy Officer Counselled

Captain Mona Shindy

A senior Muslim Navy Officer has been counselled and her Twitter account closed down.

Captain Mona Shindy is a mentor for the Lebanese Muslim Association and it's alleged she used her account to show support for the Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohamed's response to the Paris attacks when he said that racism and Islamophobia were partly to blame for the massacre.  The Mufti later clarified his remarks and said "there was no justification for the taking of innocent lives."

Debbie Robinson

Debbie Robinson of Australian Liberty Alliance, complained to the AFD in writing in December. "The Australian Liberty Alliance is very concerned that the Australian Defence Force appears to be promoting pro-Muslim political views and attacking a party that has the support of many Australians" she wrote.  She also called for Captain Shindy to face disciplinary action.

According to the Captain's official profile, her role is chief adviser of Islamic affairs and she is responsible for "a better understanding and appreciation of serving Muslims, their needs, and how they view the world."

Another key function of her role is to attract more Muslims to the Australian Navy.

Captain Shindy is on leave and could not be contacted for comment.