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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Nick Kyrios - the Ugly Australian

I wonder how Nick Kyrios' parents feel about his performance on the tennis court, with his temper tantrums and foul language.  He's acting like an indulged, spoiled brat.

Nick Kyrios has bowed out of the Australia Open after another embarrassing display of bad sportsmanship.

Every time he's on the court, he causes trouble and this time at the Australian Open in Melbourne, he didn't disappoint.  He threw his racket on the ground in a rage and accused the umpire of being 'unprofessional' for not stopping the music he could hear coming from the crowd.

'Mate, are you okay?  There's music playing in the crowd while we are playing!  I've told you seven times, why don't you tell him to turn it off?" Kyrios yelled at the umpire.  He then turned to the crowd and said "Am I hearing things, mate, it's a circus." 

American commentator Jim Courier said the music might have been leaking out of one of the corporate boxes.

At the end of the match, Kyrios said to the umpire as he shook his hand "you are a terrible referee."

The crowd reacted to his bad manners with boos and shouts of "get on with it Nick" and "get a tissue Nick."

Earlier in the day Kyrios was fined $US3000 for an audible obscenity in his opening round victory against Spaniard Pablo Carreno Busta and in the Montreal Masters in August, he was sanctioned for sledging French Open Champion Stan Wawrinka, and again last year in Shangai.

So this angry 21 year old has a serious problem and continues to embarrass his country wherever he goes.  He has some mental health issues that need addressing if he ever hopes to be an Australian sportsman worthy of respect.