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Saturday, January 30, 2016

The disgusting Mitchell Pearce

Sydney Roosters Captain Mitchell Pearce went to a party on Australia Day and we got to see the real man.  He was filmed simulating a lewd act with a dog and urinated on himself.

But will his club cut him adrift?  Never.  They will pretend to be outraged, send him off somewhere to sort out his problems, ban him for a couple of games but there is one thing for certain - they will never sack him because he's a star on the field, and that's all that matters.

And the clubs solution to the problem?  This statement was posted on their website last night.

The Sydney Rooster can confirm that Mitchell Pearce will be receiving treatment in an intensive rehabilitation facility for an extended period.  Pearce has tonight departed for the overseas facility with his mother Terri.

So they have sent him out of the country, hoping people will forget what he'll always be remembered for - pretending to have sex with a dog.

Thanks to Mitchell Pearce, the reputation of Australian Rugby League players has finally reached the gutter.  And what the public want the club to do - sack him - will never happen because there just too much money involved to pull the plug.