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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Salim Mehajer's luck running out

Salim Mehajer with his father Mohamad

Auburn Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer must rue the day he decided to show off and hold the most expensive wedding Sydney had ever seen. He didn't understand the 'tall poppy syndrome' that exists in Aussie culture - stick your head up too high and someone is likely to chop it off.  

Since his extravagant wedding, he's stumbled from one disaster to another.

Last year fitness trainer Bruce Herat asked Salim not to drop the weights on the floor of a Burwood gym.  It's alleged Mehajer responded with "don't you know who I am?" and followed Mr Herat to his car and said "I'm going to find out where you live.....and kidnap your children."

Then Mehajer was charged with electoral fraud dating back to the 2012 local council elections.  He is facing 77 charges including 76 counts of using a forged document, namely an electoral enrolment form and one count of using a false or misleading document, namely a candidate information sheet nominating himself as a candidate.  Mehajer's sister Fatima is also facing 77 charges of fraud.

Last week the property developer was suspended from Auburn Council for four months when it was found he failed to declare an interest in a building his company owned.

It's alleged that a number of councillors on Auburn City Council have been having a field day at ratepayer's expense, organizing beneficial outcomes for themselves, associated companies, friends, relatives, and other councillors.

But Salim's trouble doesn't end there. 

An international student now claims he has lost his licence thanks to a number of traffic offences that took place in one of Mehajer's vehicles, despite never having driven them.  The student said he was shocked when he received a letter from Roads and Maritime Services informing him that his licence had been cancelled.

It's alleged Mr Mehajer nominated a foreign student for a number of speeding and red light offences which added up to 20 demerit points. The incidents are said to involve three vehicles - Salim's white Ferrari and his wife's black BMW.

Naming someone else to escape a fine is no laughing matter - it ended Federal Court Judge Marcus Einfeld's career.  

Justice Einfeld's public life came to a sudden end in 2009 when he became the first Australian former superior court judge to be imprisoned.  He was sentenced to three years for perjury and for attempting to pervent the course of justice.  

All because he refused to pay a $75 traffic fine.

Mehajer's lavish wedding had to wait until his father got out of jail.

Local developer Mohamad Mehajer had served part of a three and a half year prison sentence in December 2013 for conspiring to cheat and defraud the National Australia Bank of more than $3 million.

The court found that his loan application included false documents intended to present his financial position as "much rosier than it really was."