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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Felicia Djamirze hurt in drug raid

Miss Australia International beauty contestant Felecia Djamirze was on television's A Current Affair last night.  She sobbed her way through an interview telling of the horrific injuries she received when a police flash grenade exploded on the bed she shared with her bikie boyfriend Dean O'Donnell.

A flash grenade is also known as a stun grenade, used by police as a non-lethal weapon to take criminals by surprise.  When launched, the device releases a flash of light and a loud bang to disorientate the target.

"I thought I was going to die, they left me there to burn" Djamirze told A Current Affair.

"I was in a state of shock.  "I'm burnt, I'm burnt, I repeated over and over and was told 'you are not burnt, you'll be okay."

"I had glass all through my face, my scalp....I had glass all through my right eye....I didn't even know if I had a face left."

Djamirze was charged with drug trafficking and her boyfriend with drug and weapons offences.

She intends to sue police over her injuries and claims she could lose the sight in her right eye.  She claims police did not take her injuries seriously and had to wait 40 minutes before paramedics arrived.

So did police over-react?  Absolutely, the pictures don't lie, these flash grenades cause serious harm.

But why is a beautiful young woman keeping company with the likes of unemployed Dean Grant O'Donnell?  Police allege he is an associate of the Rebels bikie club and a central figure in the local distribution of the drug "ice."

Beautiful women who prefer to hang out with "bad boys" are likely to get hurt, one way or another.