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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dan Shearin walks free - again

Dan Shearin

This man, cruise ship singer Dan Shearin should have been locked up but he's been let off - again.

He's a serial stalker who sends abuse texts and phone messages to women.

Four times he's been in court for stalking women, yet a female magistrate let him off - again.

Every dating site should have a picture of this man with a warning, as more vulnerable women could find themselves chatting to him on line, unaware of his background.

Gold Coast domestic violence campaigner Di McLeod slammed the sentence.  "It doesn't send a strong message about making men accountable for their behaviour" she said.  "It reinforces that there's nothing much wrong with their behaviour, it normalises it."

Two years ago Dan Shearin was convicted of using a mobile phone to menace, harass and cause offence to his former girlfriend, 21 year old cheerleader Breanna Robinson.

Ms Robinson threw herself off Shearin's highrise balcony after hundreds of texts from the singer including one 10 minutes before he jumped.  He called her "a complete f***ing moron", and a "dumb f***ing c***".

When Shearin met a new woman on dating site Plenty of Fish and they struck up a casual relationship, he was angry when she ended it and started sending her texts like "you are a f***ing piece of sh**."

But this lady saved the abusive texts and messages and went to police.  Something every woman who has experienced this behaviour should do. 

Magistrate Jacqui Payne said Shearin had "descended into an abusive-type way of relating to women" but she let him off with a further 12 months' probation, presumably because she seemed impressed that he was undergoing a men's domestic violence program.

Perhaps a male judge would have given him the sentence he deserved.