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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Baby boy left on doorstep

Last Sunday night at 11.40 pm, the doorbell rang at the home of grandparents Annabella and Rodel Acuna in the NSW country town of Griffith.  When Mr Acuna opened the door, he found a baby boy in a bassinet and a note.  It asked the couple to take care of the baby 'because I am only 14 years old and my parents will kill me.'

Mr Acuna thinks his house was chosen because it was so late at night and his house was probably the only one in the street with the lights still on. 

Griffith is a small country town and the rumour mill went wild.  It won't be long before they find the mother, everyone thought, if she's 14 years old, just check out all the schools.

But the case was solved when the mother walked into Griffith hospital yesterday. 

Today NSW police confirm that the mother of the baby is an adult - someone over the age of 18 but her real age won't be revealed to protect her identity.

The woman remains in hospital and is receiving all the help she needs from Community Services and the baby has been placed in temporary care with a local family.

Superintendent Rowan said it would appear the baby was not born in one of the local hospitals.

Earlier this month, the NSW Coroner recommended public hospitals set up "baby boxes" at hospitals where desperate parents can hand over their children safely without fear of humiliation or prosecution.

The recommendation came at the inquest into the death of baby Lily Grace, who was found buried in a shallow grave in sand dunes at South Maroubra beach in November 2014.