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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Jacqi Lambie after David Morrison

Outspoken Senator Jacqi Lambie claimed in her maiden speech that she was related to a prominent Aboriginal resistance leader of north-eastern Tasmania.

"I acknowledge and pay my respects to Australia's Aboriginal traditional owners.  I share their blood, culture, and history through my mother, Sue Lambie's family" she said.

"We trace our history over six generations to celebrated Aboriginal chieftain of the Tasmanian east coast Mannalargenna."

Jaqi Lambie (left)

Lambie enlisted in the Australian Army in 1989 where she served for over ten years, first in the transport corps and subsequently as a military policewoman and achieved the rank of Corporal.

Now she's after Australian of the year David Morrison.  "I'm coming for you" she said yesterday.

She accuses Morrison, a former Army boss, of covering up horrific physical and sexual abuse.  "He's as guilty as hell" she said.

David Morrison

Senator Lambie said Australian Federal Police last night visited her office to interview veterans alleging abuse.

Geoff Shafran, who served in the Australian Army for 20 years has set up a petition on and a Facebook page calling for the former Army chief to quit after he failed "to publicly champion the cause of physically and mentally disabled ADF personnel."

To say that David Morrison's Australian of the Year award was not received well, would be a gross understatement.  And the fact he's charging $15,000 - three times more than last year's winner Rosie Babbie - for speaking engagements only rubs salt into the wounds.

So with Senator Lambie on the warpath, David Morrison had better watch out.