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Friday, February 26, 2016

Cardinal George Pell about to give evidence

Cardinal George Pell couldn't come to Australia to appear before the Royal Commission into Child Abuse because of a heart condition so ten of his victims from Ballarat are going to Rome.  They want to be in the same room when he gives evidence via video link.

If there really is a hell, this man is going there.  Lies fall from his tongue without a hint of remorse.

David Ridsdale, one of the victims going to Rome, phoned Cardinal Pell in 1993 to tell him that his uncle, Gerald Ridsdale who was a priest was sexually abusing him, but this revelation fell on deaf ears and nothing was done.

Catholic paedophile priests seem not to care about the harm their personal sexual gratification has done to their victims - it ruined their lives and sent them crazy.

Now in middle and old age, they have developed serious mental health issues.  Broken marriages, failed businesses, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness and suicide all lie at the feet of these priests.

Ballarat has been the worst paedophile priest cluster in the world and Cardinal Pell played an important part in it - doing nothing except sending the offending priest to another school.

The whole country is waiting for Cardinal Pell to speak, but nothing he can say can help those victims the world over who have already taken their own life because their parents made the decision to send their child to a Catholic school.