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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sydney Field Day Music Festival

State Premier Mike Baird said "enough is enough" and threatened to close down music festivals in the future if organisers don't clean up their act.  Dance parties were becoming dangerous and putting young people's lives at risk.

This summer, a 19 year old man died in Adelaide and a 25 year old pharmacist died in Sydney at the Stereosonic music events.  Last year Georgina Bartter died at Harbourlife dance party in the Botanical Gardens and in September Nigel Pauljevic 26 from Albury died from an overdose at Defqon dance festival at Penrith.

And the Field Day Festival held in the Domain on New Year's Day/night was even worse - it was awash with drugs and a 23 year old woman came close to dying from an MDMA overdose.

During the event, 212 people received medical treatment and five were taken to hospital.  Police charged 184 people with alleged drug offences and eight for drug supply.  One 28 year old woman was found carrying 100 ecstasy tablets and a 19 year old was found with 81.

So how did they get past the police dogs and a huge police presence? They put the pills in a plastic balloon, swallowed it and when they got inside, they vomited it back up again.  Others hide them in places on the body to gross to mention.

Dr Gordian Fulde, from St Vincent's Hospital said the kids don't like to come to the medical tents - they are frightened their parents will find out. "But we don't do any of that" he said.

"Bring your friend, call the ambulance, take them to the medical tent - you don't have to give your real name, and if we get these patients early, they won't die" he said.

"I think the focus has to be on the younger generations, and I mean kids younger than 10 because that's our only hope - the current generation is probably not going to change that much."

So there's another generation lost to drugs.