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Friday, April 8, 2016

Karen Nettleton fails to bring grandchildren home

Karen Nettleton's plan to bring her grandchildren home from Syria has failed but she hasn't given up hope and has vowed to bring them all back home.

Someone tipped off a Sydney newspaper who ran a front page article about her proposed plan, which scared people off who may have helped her.

The public reaction was entirely predictable and you have to wonder what this woman is thinking. Surely she must realize that the picture of Khaled Sharrouf's small son holding a severed head with the caption 'that's my boy' that was splashed across every news service in the country, is burnt into our memory, and the thought of bringing this child back home is unthinkable. 

Nettleton has to wake up and accept that when her teenage daughter Tara fell in love with Sharrouf, converted to Islam and took herself and their four children to join him in Syria - that was it - there is no going back.

The children concerned are Zaynab 14, Hoda 13, Abdullah 11, Zarqawi 10, Hamze 5 and Zaynab's four month old baby Aiyesha.

Before she waited to board a Flight out of Syria to Sydney Ms Nettleton said "I'm coming back, I'm not going to leave them might take three, four, five attempts.....but don't underestimate the determination of this nana."

She was questioned by officers from the Australian Border Force's Counter Terrorism Unit after arriving in Sydney yesterday but was released after an hour of questioning.

Sharrouf was reported killed in an airstrike in June 2015, but authorities are not sure if this is true.