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Monday, April 11, 2016

Muslim inmate attacks ex soldier

Last Thursday, a teenage ISIS supporter used a sharp object to carve "e4e" into the front and rear of an ex soldier's head and then poured boiling water over him.  But there were no prison guards anywhere near to hear his cries for help and he was taken to hospital and put into an induced coma.

The victim was a former soldier who had served in East Timor and "e4e" stands for "eye for eye, tooth for tooth" the mantra of ISIS.

"As a result, I have decided to suspend the general manager of the correctional centre pending the outcome of this investigation" NSW Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Severin said yesterday.

Mr Peter Severin should hand in his resignation as well, because he's doing a terrible job of controlling NSW prisons.

The radicalized teen Bourhan Hraichie 18, has now been packed off to Supermax, where he should have been sent in the first place.  Mr Severin's record of handling our prison system is a disgrace. NSW prisons has a history of escapes and allowing mobile phones and drugs to get past guards and into the hands of prisoners on a regular basis and he's just not up to the job of being one step ahead of his inmates.

A prisoner's loyal girlfriend arrives to visit her partner in jail with a small balloon of ice under her clothing.  She passes through security (which should never happen) and buys a packet of potato chips from the vending machine and sits down to face her boyfriend.

She takes the drugs from her clothing and puts them inside the chip packet and offers a chip to her boyfriend who carefully takes the drug-filled balloon and swallows it, to be retrieved in his cell later. This is just one example of how incompetent management of prisoners is allowed to operate.

The Muslim teen had been isolated from other inmates prior to this shocking attack but somehow, he ended up locked in a cell with an ex Australian soldier.

There is something terribly wrong with our prison system and the shoddy, nonchalant attitude of guards must ultimately go back to the man at the top.

And that man is Commissioner Peter Severin.