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Saturday, April 2, 2016

New Belgian migrants must integrate

Non-EU migrants wishing to live in Belgium will have to sign a statement declaring their acceptance of local values or see their residency claim rejected.

Parliament is expected to pass a proposal in the coming months to introduce a "Newcomer's Statement" - a promise to accept Belgian values.  And those who are not making an effort to integrate sufficiently will be asked to leave.

The Newcomer's Statement will not apply to asylum seekers and students.

So what are they asked to sign?

Respect freedom of speech, assembly, religion, sexual orientation
 Males and females are equal, have the same rights, must pay taxes
Adults right to freely choose job, home, partner, without parental pressure
Both parents have obligation to provide for children
Neither boys nor girls can be forced into marriage
Violence and threat of violence to spouse or children is punishable 
 Prevent and report terrorism attempts
Make sufficient efforts to learn the language
Sustain self by own means and become self-sufficient

Critics of the proposal said making would-be residents sign a declaration accepting gay rights and equality between men and women suggested that these values were not already held by immigrants and would deepen prejudice against them.